With over 86 years under our belt operating in the same NYC location, we've been written about a few times. 

Papaya King has been called by Zagat the "best, cheapest (stand-up) lunch in the city" and “more vital than the subway.”
Critic Ed Levine of New York Eats calls it the "best hot dog in the world" and Julia Child and Anthony Bourdain both agree it’s the best hot dog in New York.

Over the years, Papaya King has played host to movie stars, rock stars, presidents, business titans, and most importantly, New Yorkers and visitors from all walks of life.
If you want a quality hot dog, however, the best consensus is at the legendary Papaya King.  Enjoy your dog with a frothy delicious papaya drink.
Best hot dog in NY?  Julia child
agrees it’s Papaya King.  The Daily News agrees and pronounced it the “best Hot Dog in New York”.
Bryan Miller, the NY Times restaurant critic found Papaya King to be the best in New York City.
The combination of the frank and the papaya drink is amazingly good, and the dynamic duo has run many competitors into the ground, including Nathan’s that closed two years after opening their doors next door.
Karmer:  I’m starvin’,
Elaine:  You can get a hot dog in the theater.
Karmer:  I don’t want a movie hot dog, I want a Papaya King Hot Dog!
Bobby Flay studied the techniques of this giant for a recent episode.  Over the years it has captured the admiring attention of FDR, Elvis Presley to the Beatles as well as Seinfeld.
Best Hot Dogs in the city – the perfect NY-On-The Run standup lunch.  This fruit juice joint wins hands down.
Bourdain loves the dogs so much, he served them at his 50Th B-Day Party.
While there are still several other papaya-style hot dog stands operating in NYC, they will always only be imitators: Papaya King is the original. Long may he reign.
“I’m going back for a second”
says Danny Meyer, “It’s a Hot Dog Eater’s Hot Dog".
Voted one of the Top 10
Best Hot Dogs in America
“Papaya and hot dogs,
It’s a New York thing.”
One of the top ranked in NYC
year over year.
Chowhound voted best hot dog in NYC over Gray’s Papaya...
Crowned ‘The King’ of NYC'
“If you're like me, you've always wondered what tropical fruit drinks have to do with hot dogs.
But the strange combination surprisingly works.”
“Try the Homerun, with sauerkraut and New York onion relish.”
Martha Stewart told the magazine “"I commute to Bedford [in Westchester, NY] every day, which is an hour away, so if I'm coming home from work at 11 o'clock at night, one of my drivers will bring us to Papaya King on the Upper East Side. That's an evil thing I do.
There is one food pilgrimage that I make without fail every time I'm in New York - a stop at the best hot dog joint in the city, if not the world, Papaya King.
“Moist. Steamy. Delicious.
Bursting with flavor.”
You absolutely must have the
Papaya drink.  It’s just as heavenly as it looks in pictures.  It’s smooth, soft, creamy … I could have easily
killed three of these things.
Hands down the best in NYC
The Granddaddy of them all!